Meet the Sisters

Sr Anna

Sr Brenda

I’m a “Dub”,  the youngest of six – three brothers and two sisters.  As I came after the three boys I think there was relief when the next was a girl! My two sisters by now teenagers cherished their little sister. I remember even going on dates with them. What the boy friends thought I’m not too sure but I enjoyed the “date”!

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Sr Breda

Sr Anne

My vocation story began aroound the age of eleven. My oldest sister Maire who was soon to enter a Carmelite Convent gave me a prayer to say for a vocation. I prayed it almost every day and had it off by heart.. The prayer ended with a quotation from Francis Thompson “And I was sore adread lest having Him I should have nought besides…” Although I still continued for years to add this quotation it did not really ring true with how I felt. And I remember mentally adding ” I am not afraid to give up everything for the love of Jesus.”

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Sr Francis Teresa

Sr Mary Brigid

Sr Margaret Mary

Sr Eleanor

Sr Emy