5.30 a.m.  Association pics 105

We rise about this time in order to be ready for our Hour of Silent Prayer at 6.00 a.m followed by breakfast.

7.30 a.m. 

We pray  Morning Prayer. 

8.00 a.m.

Every morning we have Mass at this time and we are joined by a small local congregation.

The Parish priests are our chaplains.After thanksgiving we  pray the first of the small offices then all go to our work. Our main means of supporting ourselves is the beautiful work of making the hosts for Mass. This involves baking the bread, cutting the hosts, packing and posting. Other work includes the care of the sacristy, the laundry, cooking and general house cleaning.                                          

  11.00 a.m. We have spiritual reading which we do privately, usually in our cells.

11.40am: Mid-day Prayer                                    

                  Dinner is a time when we also listen to a reading from scrss anne barleyipture and some other interesting talk or conference. After the wash-up we have time for recreation in common. We enjoy each others company and do creative things like knitting, crochet, rosary making, toy making and anything else one is interested in. Then we have time to be alone either in the garden or one’s cell.  Traditionally in Carmel there is time for siesta.

We say the third small hour of the Office in private. This helps to keep the balance of solitude  in our day. We also take a snack in the afternoon when we wish.

4.30 p.m. Evening Prayer  followed by a second hour of quiet prayer. Then at 6.00 we have supper. Unless it is a feast or some other special day we again listen to something interesting. We  have recreation for about 45 minutes or longer if we were celebrating some occasion or feast. We sometimes look at a DVD or we play a board game such as scrabble. Weather permitting we go out to the garden for walks.                                                   

 7.45 p.m.Night Prayer.After this we have quiet time for reading, study or correspondence

This is a time of silence and we do not talk until after morning prayer the next day.

9.30 p.m. we have the last Office of the day which is the Office of Readings and is like a vigil for the next day.

After that it is time for sleep!